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  • Bjørn Bjervig

On Saturday the 30th of January, the Consecration of a Norwegian Lodge under the Province of Valencia took place, the ceremony was carried out by the Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Norman Leslie Wheatley, also present were the Assistant Grand Master of Spain, Right Worshipful Brother Barrie Roy Mansell and the Grand Master of Norway Most Worshipful Brother Tore Evensen, The Norwegian lodge, named Dovre No.184 is the newest Lodge in the Grand Lodge of Spain and the first Worshipful Master is W. Bro. Sørbø.

Working the Norwegian Ritual, Dovre Lodge has some 70 members and meets in the Norwegian Church, Villejoyosa. “Dovre” is the name of a mountain range in Norway. The highest peak is Snø Mountain (Snøhetta; 7,500 feet - 2,286 metres). The Dovre Mountains are traversed from south to north by the main rail and road links between Oslo and Trondheim and are the most famous throughout Norway.

Norwegian Freemasonry has been worked independently in Spain since 1978 and two attendees at the Consecration had been at the very first meeting in Spain back in 1978.

The Consecration of Dovre Lodge No.184 is the first of three Norwegian Lodges being established under the GLE, which will enable Norwegian Brethren residing in. or visiting Spain to work under fully consecrated and recognized Lodges in Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Gran Caneria.

The petition to join the GLE was proposed and signed by seven founders of the Dovre Lodge and these honorable Brethren took part in the ceremony which was Officiated by Officers from the Province of Valencia. The Consecration Officers of Dovre Lodge No.184 were;

The Provincial Grand Master of Valencia, R.W. Bro. Norman Leslie Wheatley

Assisted by;

Deputy PGM, W. Bro. W. Russell Assistant PGM, W. Bro. Wyndham Neish

Senior Warden, W. Bro. R. Bignell Junior Warden, W. Bro. R. Knight

Chaplain, W. Bro. H. Palmer Treasurer, W. Bro. F. Miller

Secretary, W. Bro. P. Dawe Director of Ceremony, W. Bro. D. Greatrex

Sword Bearer, W. Bro. W. Taylor Senior Deacon, W. Bro. N. Jackson

Junior Deacon, W. Bro. I. Gibson Assistant Secretary, W. Bro. A. Moreno

Assistant Director of Ceremony, W. Bro. D. Beale Organist, W. Bro. I. Henny

Standard Bearer, W. Bro. R. Beken Inner Guard, W. Bro. G. Wren

Tyler, W. Bro. I. Beckett

An Honour Guard of Provincial Stewards

W. Bro. J. Harvey W. Bro. G. Ramshead Bro. I. Bullock Bro. D. Wynn Bro. B. McArdel Bro. A. Poveda


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